For the social launch of the new QLED TV by SAMSUNG, we created a multipronged video strategy. The concept is: with the new features of QLED any content will be extremely exciting, even the most boring.

Three talents to amplify the message: Filippo Inzaghi, a famous footballer and now football coach. Colonel Giuliacci weather expert on TV for decades and Giorgio Mastrota the most famous telesales on Italian TV.

The marvellous pot.
The extraordinary weather forecast.
The terrific field.

Account Manager: Giorgia Ricciardi
Account Executive: Matilde Negrini
Creative Production Director: Daniele Piazza
Art Supervisor: Mattia Lacchini
Art Director: Alessia Milla
Creative: Paola Cantella
Editor: Sabrina Santoro
Writer: Andrea Ruscitti
Production: WE ARE SOCIAL STUDIOS, Grizzly Collective